Who needs NBA? College basketball is where it’s at!

The NBA lockout is still going on. But you know what? With all these endless discussion and with the players and owners unable to come up with a compromise, I say: Who needs them?

In my opinion, both sides are acting selfish in a $4 billion market that was hot off the heels of a great Finals series and 2010-11 season. And now, because of their inability to come to some terms, this season will likely not happen. But who needs them?

Anyone that’s been watching college basketball over the past week has had the chance to watch some great matchups and upsets.

There was the battle between North Carolina and Michigan State… on a U.S. carrier… on Veterans Day; that was pretty special.

There was coach Mike Krzyzewski earning his 903rd career win, the most of any coach in the history of NCAA basketball.

How about Cleveland State upsetting then-#9 Vanderbilt? Or Long Beach State upsetting Pittsburgh? Or Loyola Maramount upsetting UCLA?

And this is just the first week here, people.

The season began with two of the top teams in the nation battling it out on an aircraft carrier. Simply awesome.

Who needs LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Blake Griffin? Who needs the owners and their desire to create an amnesty clause because they overpay for undeserving players (I’m looking at you, Brooklyn Nets. Seriously, Travis Outlaw?). I’m entertained by guys like Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger, Xavier’s Tu Holloway, Texas’ J’Covan Brown, and Villanova’s Dominic Cheek.

Junior Dominic Cheek of Villanova is definitely a player to look out for this year.

And of course, as a student at Quinnipiac, I have to be excited about how our own program is doing. The Bobcats lost at Fairfield in the Connecticut 6, but we defeated one of our biggest rivals, Yale, on Tuesday, and currently stand at 2-1.

Oh yeah, college basketball is where it’s at, readers. All the fun and excitement of NBA, except without the conflict nor without the apathy towards the fans. If you like basketball, and you’re a student, alum, or a fan of a particular university, go grab yourself a ticket to a game. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

As a Quinnipiac student, I'd like everybody to know about Ike Azotam. Though we're only 3 games into the season, he leads the nation with 14.0 rebounds per game. He also has average 16.3 points.


About Michael Desjardins

I am a sports writer for The Quinnipiac Chronicle, a panelist for the Q30 television show, "Bobcat Blitz" and a men's soccer beat writer for the newly-founded Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network. I am currently a junior at Quinnipiac University and am pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism.
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